Companies Must Avoid These Mistakes In Paying Wages For Their Employees

There are many regulations governing labor, including those concerning the provincial minimum wage according to each province. The minimum wage in one province can be very different from other provinces. Additionally, if you need a better way to make online paychecks, you need to try paystub.

As a Human Resource (HR) practitioner or company owner, you must know about the new labor regulations. Do not let there be any employee salary adjustment when there is a new provincial minimum wage.

On the other hand, some companies use spreadsheets to manage employee payroll, but some use employee payroll applications. If you still don’t understand well the use of these two methods and are still using the manual system, then errors in employee payroll can easily occur.

Aside from that, one of the cases that often happens is that finance or HR does not know which projects are carried out by employees who are overtime. For example, some employees work overtime for 15 hours but it turns out that the worksheet or proof of overtime is not recorded. Then of course the employee will not receive an appropriate salary.

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