Create a Child-Friendly Home Garden

When designing a house to be friendly and safe for early childhood, people often focus on the interior and miss the attention to the outside, including the garden. Because the condition of the garden or yard is relatively less regular than the inside of the house, this is where the children often get injured. Meanwhile, forcing children to only play indoors is also not good. If you have a fish pond or swimming pool, make a guardrail with Heras fencing hire so that your kids can’t jump right into the pool. And, immediately dry the edge of the pool if there is a puddle of water to prevent children from slipping while crossing it hirein.

Children should have time for outdoor activities. So that your little one can play safely, do these tips on your home page. Don’t leave blank pages neglected. At a minimum, plant grass, especially mini elephant grass which is soft but thick. This grass is useful so that when children play in the yard barefoot, their skin does not immediately rub against the ground which risks making their skin scratches and cuts. Also, avoid needle grass. At first glance, this grass looks greener and tidier like a carpet. However, the tips of the leaves tend to be sharp and can hurt your baby.

To make it easier to walk around the park, people place stepping stones or paths in the garden. Usually using natural stones to make it look natural. This is not a problem. However, what needs to be considered is the surface. Choose a flat surface of the stepping stone so that children, especially those under the age of five or still unable to balance properly, do not fall or trip over them. Adjust the distance between plants, plants that are too close as if to allow the spider to build a nest. When the child approaches this plant very closely, allergic disorders such as skin itching will easily attack him. If you love plants, temporarily avoid planting plants in pots that are placed on the floor. The child will find it easy to pull and pull the plant if it is located downstairs.

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