Tips For Choosing A Hand Bouquet According To Your Personality!

Apart from the dress, a hand bouquet or hand flower is one of the ornaments in a wedding that does not go unnoticed. Even though it seems trivial, this hand flower that has various types of shapes turns out to have a meaning that can show your personality, you know! So, choose the right florist near me to get your best bouquet!

1. Posy
Posy is a classic and popular type of hand flower for weddings. Posy has a small size and lightweight, round and solid shape and is surrounded by a thick ribbon. Usually, at weddings, this type of hand flower combines only a few types and colors of roses. Because of this small and light type of Posy, usually, the bride and groom carry it with only one hand. This hand flower looks cute and simple, perfect for those of you who like minimalist things.

2. Hand-Tied
Hand-tied is a type of hand flower filled with bright flowers and looks free or looks irregular when compared to other types of hand flowers. Hand-Tied not only contains flowers but also comes with various sweeteners, such as various green plants.

These bright colored flowers are perfect for those of you who carry a wedding concept with a rustic or bohemian theme. Well, for those of you who are cheerful and fun, choosing this hand flower is the right decision.

3. Cascade
Cascade is a type of hand flower that is shaped like a waterfall. Usually, this hand flower uses orchids and vine leaves because they can be arranged dangling down to resemble a waterfall. As a sweetener, roses are also often tucked into this hand flower. The colors that are suitable for this type of flower are white, purple, and red.

This type of flower arrangement conveys a strong and prominent hand flower character. Cascade is perfect for those of you who want your elegance to stand out at your wedding.

4. Round
Round is a type of hand flower that is most often found at weddings around the world. This type of hand flower is round like a dome or ball, usually, this hand flower only uses one type of flowers, such as rose or peony. These hand flowers generally only consist of one color, but their beauty is not inferior to the beauty of many-colored hand flowers, you know!

Well, for those of you who have a simple personality and want an elegant impression at your wedding, this hand flower is the right choice.

5. Nosegay
Nosegay is a kind of small hand flower. This hand flower consists of flowers and leaves which are then arranged to form a small, simple, and of course light bouquet. This hand flower is almost similar to the Posy type of flower. The difference lies in the number of green plants combined with the flowers. Nosegay has more plants and appendages than Posy.