Confused Mix And Match Colors At Home? Here, The Feng Shui Guide!

Feng Shui has always been associated with residential arrangements, including the matter of color. The beauty of a residence cannot be separated from the harmony and color combination of the one man and a brush used for home decoration. It is said in Fengshui science that color in a dwelling can affect the energy of its inhabitants. If you want to change to a new nuance, there is nothing wrong with following these Feng Shui guidelines, so that the energy at home becomes more positive. Don’t worry about the color combination, you will love it. The combination of green and gray paint is a perfect match for the exterior of your home. The combination of these two colors according to Feng Shui will produce positive energy that comes into your home. The green color gives the impression of harmony as well as being religious. Suitable for application on the outer walls of the house. The combination of these three colors can increase self-confidence and achievement. The brown color gives off a simple yet elegant impression. The white color represents a clean impression, while gray increases the positive energy of the residents.

This three-color combination can be implemented in the workspace so that it has a positive influence on occupant performance. Gray color that radiates positive energy will be perfect when combined with white which gives pure energy. The combination of these two colors is very suitable to be applied to your family room. Avoid using white in the dining room or bedroom because it is believed to make sleep difficult and affect your appetite. These three colors are representative of natural colors. The combination of green, white, and brown will make your home feel cooler, more beautiful, harmonious, and has a natural feel. Space will be more lively, comfortable, and cool. These three colors can also help you control your emotions to be calmer. The color orange gives an aura of enthusiasm and joy, while gray makes the owner enthusiastic for work and achievement. You can apply the orange color to the dining room to increase appetite. But to balance, apply gray in the family room or lounge.

Fengshui is not based solely on occultism, but on the principle of applying balance so that the home atmosphere becomes more comfortable. Therefore, although not everyone feels the benefit spiritually, many people feel comfortable physically. This principle is very useful for those of you who are confused about arranging a new home comfortably.